terror attack

Two people dead in terrorist attack at London Bridge

Two people who were injured in the attack have died, according to London’s police commissioner. Three other people who were injured are being treated at hospital. 

Police had earlier said it was called to a stabbing at a “premises” near London Bridge at around 2 p.m. local time. It ended with passersby tackling the fleeing suspect before he was shot dead by officers.

More footage showed a different man walking away with a large knife he reportedly wrestled from the attacker.

Up to six dead in New York vehicle attack

Police have confirmed there have been "several fatalities" after the truck was driven down a cycle/pedestrian path, striking multiple people.

The truck then collided with another vehicle, and the driver got out. Police said the man had imitation firearms and was shot by officers at the scene. The suspect is now in custody.

CNN reported sources said up to six people were killed, while local news channel PIX 11 said at least five people had been hurt.


'Bin Laden's son Hamza urges terror attack' on London

Hamza bin Laden, believed to be in his mid-20s and reportedly known as the ‘crown prince of terror’, has been touted as a future leader of al-Qaeda.

In the message, which was shared on Twitter, he calls for lone wolf jihadist attacks on America and its allies and marks out London, Washington, Paris and Tel Aviv as specific  targets.

The message made no mention of Isis.

Rita Katz, director of Site, a terror intelligence group, tweeted: "Hamza Bin Laden, son of Usamah bin Laden [sic], gives strategies in continuing global jihad in audio message.

VIDEO: London stages terror response drill

The simulation involved three assailants shooting their way into an underground station. Authorities said the drill had been planned long before last week's shootings on a beach in Tunisia.

Fourteen agencies were taking part in the drill, according to officials, including medical, fire and police services, as well as soldiers and intelligence officials.

The exercise goes on for two days, and was being staged at the disused Aldwych underground station in central London.

Woman from Ireland killed in Tunisia attack

The politician, Ray Butler, says he has spoken by telephone to the husband of the dead woman. He says the two were vacationing in Tunisia together when she was shot on the beach outside their hotel, and the husband was still inside.