Lack of leadership and supervision within police department: Guinness

Every police personnel must practise leading roles within the establishment and begin taking into consideration the principles of discipline within every facet of their policing operations.


 This was made known to a discipline workshop recently by ACP Guinness.

 He told the course participants, mostly from the Lae Metropolitan and Morobe Provincial Police Command, that they must take some hard yards when it comes to leadership and management their own sections or units.

Judge concerned with Cops conduct

The senior judge of the National and Supreme Court called for a change in tactic, when recently sentenced two cops to 8 years in prison for armed robbery.

He said those above in the police hierarchy must leave the comfort of their offices and attend to allegations of police impropriety to restore the image of RPNGC.

He said the offenses committed by serving members of the RPNGC is spiraling out of control.

Union still pushing for insurance

This week the police association revealed that there was an outstanding K7million outstanding payment owed to deployed troops from operations spanning as far back as 2014.

The Association’s Vice President, Leuth Nidung outlined that while the personnel had a duty to perform, the government needs to have this outstanding fee’s settled.

He highlighted that the state needs to consider the lively hood of the personnel.

Cops in buai raid jailed

“Robbing villagers of their betel nuts and mustards under the pretext of enforcing the National Capital District Betelnut Control Law 2013 is a grave offense.

“The offenders misapplied a law to suit themselves. It has now back fired,” he said when sentencing two NCD Based police officers to 8 years in jail.

George Ikalom and Timothy Rorepa were sentenced after they were convicted over the armed robbery of 52 betel nut bags and six bundles of mustard from four people from the Kairaku area on 21 March 2015.


Bad cops have no place in the RPNGC

He said the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Management under the leadership of Commissioner Gari Baki has done everything within its powers to ensure members of the Constabulary are disciplined.

  “Since Commissioner Baki took over in 2015, he declared the three years from 2015-2017 as the years of discipline.

“Within those three years, many policemen have been dealt with in regards to disciplinary issues and 250 of them were dismissed from the force upon convictions by the courts and through the internal Police disciplining process.


Mendi quiet

The Acting Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Gideon Kauke said that the Bank of South Pacific (BSP), shops, schools, PMVs and people are operating normal as the curfew is on from 6am-6pm each day.

 “The number of security personnel in Mendi was boosted this week with the arrival of two police mobile squads totaling about 70 men and a contingent of Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel.

“They are working around the clock to collect the names of criminals who were involved in burning down of Link PNG DHC-8 plane and the buildings.

Police to arrest looters and arsonist in SHP

In a Conference at the Police Headquarters this morning, Mr Andrews said two mobile squads totaling almost 70 personnel are currently in Southern Highlands Province while another two mobile squads are on standby to be sent should the need arise. The police operation will be conducted in four phases.

 Mr Andrews also made internal transfer directives so that the Southern Highlands issue can be effectively addressed.

K97, 000 for permanent eye injury

The National Court today ordered the state to pay K97, 272 to Eastern Highlands man Wallan Awaparu after he was injured four years ago at 2 mile hill.

The resident of 2 mile hill settlement suffered permanent loss of vision to his left eye, after he was shot on the morning of 15 March 2014.

He woke up that day to an ethnic clash between Engans and Goilala people and went to investigate the commotion outside his house.

Police arrived in vehicles and fired shots at bystanders. He was shot in the commotion and taken to the Port Moresby General hospital.

Suspended cops to be charged

The Bomana police commandant, Peter Philip, says that among the charges to be laid on the now suspended personnel, are disgraceful conduct, unethical behavior and disobeying lawful instructions.

He anticipates more charges to be laid on them following a consultation of the police act and the laws that are in place.

The pass-outs are recent graduates of the previous police batch and are on site as part of the APEC security training.

Cops suspended over initiation practices

The drunk pass-outs who are from the previous batch of recruits, reportedly harassed some of the new recruits, forcing them to strip naked and do knuckle pushups in the pouring rain.

College Commandant, Peter Philip, says that the incident came to light, after a family of one of the new recruits, were reportedly sworn at by some of the drunk pass-outs, while they were leaving the college after dropping off their son in the afternoon.