Richard Mendani

MP concerned over LNG agreement

Mendani is concerned that the people of Gulf Province may have been cheated out of a deal that they could have benefitted more from.

“I maintain that any such agreements or deals in Gulf Province must involve all stakeholders, the Local Level Government, the Provincial Government and elected leaders. I don’t know what was signed off on (in the agreement),” he said.

“What I’m hearing is that people of Gulf did not get a fair deal.”

Mendani says the people of Gulf should be made aware of the details in the agreement.

MPs appeal for calm

Kerema open MP, Richard Mendani and Angoram MP, Salio Waipo have both called on their people not to take matters into their own hands at this time but let the court deal with the petitions.

The two National Alliance Party members, have engaged the service of Tony Waisi, and both were in court today. 

Mendani said he accepts the petition that was filed against him and was confident it will be dismissed.

“There are only three grounds that are raised against me and I’m very confident that they will dismiss the case.

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