Richard Maru

Maru becomes PFP Leader

Minister Maru, who was previously in the People’s National Congress Party, made the move in February this year but delayed announcing the move because of the death of Grand Chief Sir Micheal Somare. His membership with the PFP was officially confirmed by the Registrar of Political Parties on the 17th of February this year.

PFP President, Pastor Dominic Krasombi, and Party Secretary General, Sir Peter Honale were present to show their support. Patron of the party, Luther Wenge was not present but was represented by his son, Mathew Wenge.

Maru resigns from PNC

The staunch PNC supporter officially resigned on January 15th 2021.

In his announcement Yangoru-Saussia MP, Richard Maru, says he will move to the middle benches in the next sitting of Parliament.

Maru says he wants to offer an alternative voice to the Government towards PNG’s social and economic development.

Govt queried on poultry imports

He made the undertaking following a series of questions from the Yangoru-Saussia MP in a recent Parliament sitting.

Yangoru-Saussia MP and former national planning minister, Richard Maru, recently asked Prime Minister James Marape why PNG is importing poultry products from other countries despite having its own K1.2 billion chicken industry.

Referring to recent figures from PNG Customs, Maru said K120 million worth of chicken was imported under the current Government in the last 12 months.

Yangoru-Saussia to launch agro company

Called the Ninere Agro Industries Limited, the company will purchase cocoa and vanilla directly from growers and export directly to overseas markets.

The establishment of the company is one of nine key resolutions passed by the Yangoru-Saussia District Development Authority (YSDDA) on April 28th.

Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru, says the “Ninere Agro Industries Limited” or NAIL will buy cocoa and vanilla from all District farmers, cutting off middlemen foreign companies, and transferring the saved margin to farmers.

Loan scheme for chicken farmers

Under the scheme stallholders chicken farmers can borrow from the bank to start their own chicken sheds.

Yangoru-Saussia MP, Richard Maru, recently met with Pipols Micronbank CEO, Anthony Dela Cruz, to inalise details with the Bank and the District.

Under the scheme, the farmer will be required to provide 30 percent equity whether building a small shed for 200 chickens or large shed for 4,000 or more chickens.

The Bank will provide 70 percent of the funding required for the shed which is guaranteed by YSDDA. The cheapest shed will be within K10,000.

Maru hosts meeting for large scale investments

Maru said some potential projects discussed will involve investments of over K100 million.

Yangoru-Saussia MOP Richard Maru said one proposed project worth over K100 million will be transformational in terms of scale, technology, permanent employment opportunities, large business spin- off opportunities and the vast market opportunities of new products they will produce in the District.

The MP said it is not an easy task convincing the right partners that their investment will be safe and they generate acceptable returns for their shareholders.

Historic academic year opening for Yangoru-Saussia

They include Numbo High in Numbo LLG, Wingei High in West Yangoru, and the School of Excellence in Yangoru Station.

The new institutions opened their doors for the first enrolments on Monday 3rd of February.

The opening of the new schools follow determination by Yangoru-Saussia MP, Richard Maru, to ensure children do not travelling long distances to attend high schools, a daily struggle and risk for students.

It also ensures students are not kicked out of the education system due to the lack of spaces in existing high schools.

Yangoru-Saussia notes progress in development

The recent transformation included access to electricity by rural villagers of Kiniambu.

Advancing further on development from the starting up of the Regional Cocoa Nursery in East Yangoru LLG and the Chicken, Grain and Cocoa Innovation Projects in Numbo LLG, hope comes to reality with the completion of the power supply to the area by PNG Power Limited.

On 27th December, Member for Yangoru-Saussia, Richard Maru, officiated at the launch of the electrification program.

K100,000 for medical symposium

Barrick Niugini Limited has joined the National Government to assist the Medical Society of PNG with K100,000 as a Gold Sponsor to host this important event that occurs annually on the academic calendar of the Medical Society.

The symposium will be held in Port Moresby from 1st - 6th September with the theme: “Health Education”. The objective is to address the poor health indicators by transforming the PNG Health workforce training to meet excellent standards and hence, meet PNG vision 2050.

Focus on people’s empowerment

Member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt, handed over the plan that charts a new course of direction for all involved in the development of the district, including all government stakeholders, civil society, churches and private sector partners.