NCD residents applauded

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, made this comment following a successful New Year police operation.

A majority of the city residents heralded in the New Year with excitement, laughter, joy and most importantly, respect for each other and the law.

A satisfied NCD police boss said people’s behaviour keeps changing for the better every year.

Police officers who abuse partners will be dismissed: Commissioner

Manning said collectively as an organisation, the Police Force has recorded a large number of cases of domestic violence which must be addressed now.

“We cannot go out and pretend to solve problems within the community if our members are actually abusing our wives within our own homes in the police barracks,” Manning stated.

Drop in nationwide crime rate during festive period: RPNGC

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Operations, Donald Yamasombi, has praised the conduct and behaviour of all citizens throughout the nation during the 2019 Christmas period.

Yamasombi, who is chief of Police Operations, said there were one or two incidences but generally, Papua New Guinea celebrated Christmas peacefully.

“From the National Crime Summary report received from the 24th to the 29th of December 2019, the crime rate has dropped drastically by half compared to previous years. This is a great achievement and a positive step forward for PNG.

Madang police vehicles set for festive ops

In saying that, Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintended Mazuc Rubiang, has applauded the Ramu NiCo Limited for sharing their fuel with police vehicles for the Christmas and New Year operations.

A number of police vehicles from different units were refilled on 23rd of December at the Ramu NiCo Operations Base in Madang town upon agreement by the general manager of corporate office, Charlie Hu, and PPC Mazuc Rubiang.

Over 1,500 liters were used.

Police officers undergo human rights training

The training was facilitated by the Bomana Police Training College, with technical support from the UN Human Rights Office.

With over one hundred and twenty years of policing experience amongst them, three regional training officers, Chief Inspector Paul Bai, Senior Inspector Temi Josaiah and Senior Inspector Ed Ona Mesa, all raised that human rights is a great concern for the RPNGC and for the public that they serve.

Hela residents urged to maintain peace

Provincial police commander, Teddy Agwi, made this comment after 16 vehicles belonging to ExxonMobil were captured at Poroma last Thursday in Southern Highlands Province.

He says people should respect each other and maintain peace and harmony in their communities.

On another note, PPC Agwi says police operations for Christmas Eve have already commenced, adding people should observe the event in its true spirit while those who misbehave will be dealt with accordingly.

(Article by Jim John – third year UPNG Journalism student)


Enga farewells late police officer

The late Inspector Steven Pakunara, who originated from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, served the people of Enga for over 34 years until his passing.

Provincial Police Commander, Senior Inspector Epenes Nili, described the late Pakunara as a man of discipline and maturity.

“Yumi lusim wanpla man lo kamapim na sheipim na mouldim wanpla man lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa,” PPC Nili said.

“Em i save teikim taim na risos na mani lo kamapim kain man olsem Steven Pakunara lo kamap olsem komishend ofisa, em i no wanpla liklik samting.”

Police confirm killing of two Chinese men

Provincial Police Commander for North Fly command, Silva Sika, said the victims had been operating shops in the Lake Murray area for some months when they were killed.

The reason behind the killings is yet to be established.

PPC Sika said the three suspects, believed to be from Hela Province, were captured and are now in police custody.

Fourteen police personnel, including CID from the North Fly district, assisted police in Middle Fly to apprehend the suspects.

The suspects are now at the Daru police station lock up, awaiting court mention.

Senior Constable charged for releasing suspect

Fifty-year-old Philip Otto from Simbu Province was arrested and charged with one account of Abuse of Office under section 42(1) of the PNG Criminal Code Act, Chapter 62.

According to court documents, the accused allegedly approached Constable Benjamin Dominic and told him that the suspect is his son-in-law, and wanted him to be released under his assurance and his guarantee.

Police alleged that the accused aided his son-in-law to escape and was never located after he was detained in the cell block from allegedly stealing a motor vehicle.

Rise in drug trafficking along borders: Police

He revealed recently that those involved in transporting marijuana, among other drugs, were mostly youths and some elderly men residing in the most remote villages located right inside unreachable mountainous terrain, flood plains and swampy areas of the province.

He said if those transporting route and spots or tip of areas are well monitored, this would reduce the high rate of drug trafficking.

The reason why there is no effective monitoring is because of the lack of logistics like dinghies and manpower to do proper border patrols.