Stock exchange to launch six indices

A stock market index is a measurement of the performance of the stock market. It is calculated based on the prices of stocks included in the index and is used by investors and investment managers to compare the return on investments.

On November 1st, PNGX will implement the following six equity capitalisation indices to reflect the PNGX market:

Full name

Short Name


PNGX authorised as PNG’s national numbering agency

As the National Numbering Agency, PNGX Markets Limited (PNGX) will be responsible for issuing the unique International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINS) for all PNG government and company securities, such as shares and Government Inscribed Stock.

The International Securities Identification Number (ISO 6166) is the recognised global standard for unique identification of financial instruments. ISINs are used to identify most types of financial instruments, including equity, debt and derivatives.


PNGX consults on new PNG debt market

PNGX (formerly known as POMSoX) is proposing to establish a new PNGX debt market for trading of government and private sector debt securities which will operate alongside the existing PNGX equity market.