Nambawan Super Limited

State-of-the-art call centre for Nambawan Super

This is the result of the introduction of a centralised communication hub or ‘Unified Call Centre’ which is believed, exceeds international benchmarks.

Chief Manager of Member Services, Charlie Gilichibi, made the announcement yesterday in Port Moresby, saying members and stakeholders can now get prompt responses in a standard manner and in real time.

Nambawan Super conducting nationwide update


Chief Manager Member Services, Charlie Gilichibi, says 54,000 of its members have invalid ‘date of birth’ entries, which is what they are trying to resolve.

Gilichibi says Nambawan Super personnel will be sent throughout the districts to speak to employers to update members’ biodata.

“Because Superannuation is a long-term product where the value is not immediate, some people just leave it like that without coming forward to update their information.

Nambawan Plaza adds to portfolio

The public sector superannuation company has more than 155,000 members nationwide.

The opening of the new 11 storey Nambawan Plaza containing 11,000 metres of office space, also has parking space for 200 car. It is the seventh building to be opened in Port Moresby that is owned by Nambawan Super.

Andrew Esler, General Manager for Nambawan Super property said the second stage of construction under the same investment right next door to Nambawan Plaza will be a new 13 level ultra-high luxury residential apartment complex that will have parking space  for 300 cars.

More benefits for Nambawan Super members

The superannuation membership discount program (MDP) has reached over 80 discount partners this year for its 155, 000 members.

“I acknowledge goods and services providers around the country for partnering with the largest superannuation fund to provide discounts to our members.

"I encourage members to shop at these outlets, taking advantage of the discounts provided to increase your buying power,” NSL chief executive officer Garry Tunstall said.

“All members without an NSL ID card should visit their nearest branch and have one produced.

Government owes Nambawan Super K2.07b

The total owing covers a period of 17 years, from 1991 to 2008.

And the first to suffer are retiring members.

The NSL board decided in December last year not to pay out any retiring members until the government pays its component to their retirement savings.

The number of Papua New Guineans affected by this decision is still being determined.

Retirees will only be paid their personal fortnightly contribution minus the employer’s contribution.