Oscar Pistorius: Prosecutors appeal for longer sentence

They told the Supreme Court of Appeal the six-year sentence was "shockingly light" and he should get 15 years.

Defence lawyers say the sentence handed down by a lower court is appropriate.

Pistorius claimed he shot dead Ms Steenkamp on Valentine's Day in 2013 after mistaking her for a burglar at his home in the capital Pretoria.

The lower court justified deviating from the prescribed 15-year sentence by saying mitigating circumstances such as rehabilitation and remorse outweighed aggravating factors such as his failure to fire a warning shot.

Sea piracy and murder suspects surrender to police

Police from the Waigani Police Station acting upon information went into Tatana village around 7pm that same evening and arrested two suspects namely, Anapa Resena aged 23 years and Siyen Kevin aged 22 years.

Both suspects voluntary surrendered and were taken to Waigani cells to be locked up and are awaiting further investigation. The other three suspects are known and will be arrested soon.

Both suspects are believed to be among a group of five men who attacked Captain Malakai Sijou on October 7th.

Murder suspects remanded

The suspects have already been arrested and charged by CID Lae.

The two were arrested after conclusive investigations identified them.

According to the police, officers on duty found the body of 26 years old Cassidy Kausik in a nearby drain at the Lae Bowling club after he had been beaten; they rushed him to the hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

One of the suspects works for Harmony Gold while the other is a local business man in Lae; ironically a previous interview with friends of the deceased revealed that both men were known.

​Murder charge upgraded for Central man

Malcom Vavari Manasah of Gavuone village, Abau, Central, appeared in court from police custody where his upgraded charge was read and explained to him.

Police allege that on July 19, at Kupiano station, Manasah, while under the influence of alcohol, swung a timber and hit a Uani Vanua on the head.

The fight took place at Manasah’s family home after he was caught by duty police personnel. This was during the counting period when a liquor ban was imposed during the National Election.

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Man admits to chopping relative

Giro Pakil Gideon from Enga Province pleaded guilty to cutting a Peter Aki using a bush knife in the early hours of October 3, 2015 at Makana, Nine-Mile.

He told the court he cut Aki after the victim told him that he was the man responsible for the death of his step father.

The two were in the company of others the previous night drinking when Aki told Gideon he killed his father.

Gideon then took his revenge and cut Aki in his sleep.

The court heard he sat on Aki’s legs and slashed his head four times, leaving four deep wounds.

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Brothers convicted for murder

Michael Huratove and Kikira Huratove were found guilty for murdering Tony Barry on  January 5 2013 at China town, East Boroko.

Barry was having an affair with Cindy, the wife of their younger brother, Akus Huratove at the time he was murdered.

 A trial was conducted and the court found that Michael acted out of defense and provocation when he stabbed Barry around 3pm that day.

On the day the offense was committed, a negotiation was to take place between Akus' family, Barry and Cindy behind the Boroko police station.

Police still investigating Erima murder case

The defendant, suspended police officer Steven Numbos of East Sepik Province, returned to the Waigani Committal Court today for a brief mention of his case.

His case was further adjourned to April 4 after police prosecution gave an update to the court on the progress of the case.

The 44-year-old was formally arrested and charged with wilful murder on Dec 30, 2016.

Police allege Numbos shot a man, known to the court as Ija Mulugu, using a high-powered rifle on July 22, 2016.

Ex-Davao Death Squad leader: Duterte ordered bombings

In a news briefing Monday morning, retired policeman Arturo Lascanas backed up 2016 allegations made by former hitman Edgar Matobato, including claims of a 300-member execution squad run out of the southern city of Davao.

"I was one of those who started it," he said. "We implemented the personal instructions of (then-Mayor) Duterte to us. All of the killings we did in Davao city, whether we buried or threw them out to sea."