Member for Rigo

Rigo health services expected to improve

This is an initiative of the Digicel Foundation in partnership with the office of the Member for Rigo and the District Development Authority.

The partnership for the purchase of the mobile health centre was signed on Monday, November 12th.

Many sectors in both districts and provinces lack resources and facilities and in the health sector, mobile health services or fully kitted ambulances is one of the vital resources that is lacking; and this is no exception for Rigo District in Central Province.

New college planned for Rigo

Plans to convert it are in the pipeline while it is anticipated that the college will open for enrolment in 2020.

Kwikila Secondary School is the only secondary school in Rigo.

While there are plans to upgrade it, there are also bigger plans to establish a technical college to cater for Grade 12 students graduating from Kwikila secondary.

Major turnaround planned for Rigo

This was revealed today by Member for Rigo, Lekwa Gure, during the first ever district dedication service held at Kwikila.

Gure said being non-compliant reflects badly on the leadership and administration, which public servants are a major part of.

“I'm talking about acquittals. Acquittals on the expenditure of public funds. It is very important.

“You need to acquit in order to be given further funding," said Gure.