Hela leaders threaten to shut LNG project

The Hela leaders met in Port Moresby and demanded that investigations into the killing of officers must be given paramount importance.

Speaking as the Provincial Administrator and relative of the slain officers, William Bando, has called on Southern Highlands leaders, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, to address the problem, because the operations of the PNG LNG project stands to be affected by the recent ambush and murder of the police officers.

Hela Governor condemns attack on cops

The killing happened along the Mendi highway. 

Undialu said he had anticipated such an attack, which was why he came out in the media to warn the public not to interfere with issues affecting the people of Hela.

Governor Undialu said killing, robbery and rape is common along the Nipa-Mendi section of the Highlands Highway and leaders of the province need to come out and address this.

He said the name of the entire Southern Highlands and Hela province continues to be tarnished, thanks to a handful of troublemakers.

Marape hails church partnership

Speaking at the recent swearing-in ceremony of the Provincial Executive Council members in Tari, Marape commended Governor Philip Undialu for the wisdom to initiate such partnership with churches.

“I have committed myself to work with Governor Philip Undialu when it comes to developing the province”, he said.

“The Governor is the boss of the province and we must all learn to work together and learn to respect authority in place to run the province.

K55m to redevelop Tari airport

The redevelopment of the airport will cost K55 million under the Asian Development Bank funded Civil Aviation Development Investment Program (CADIP).

Hela Governor, Philip Undialu, said the signing of the agreement is well over due.

He thanked the National Government, NAC, and ADB for considering Hela this time for the redevelopment.

The K55m will be used to do fencing, terminal, and runway sealing. 

“For the long term, we are also planning on doing the same for the Komo airport,” says Undialu.

Health workers in Hela undergo training

The health workers will be given training on ‘Directly Observed Treatment’ (DOTS) placing them at the frontline of the TB fight.

The training comes as a result of a strengthened partnership between the Oil Search Foundation (OSF) and the Hela Provincial Health Authority (HPHA).

In a statement OSF Deputy Director, Kymberley Kepore said the Foundation works within existing government systems while continuously building on stakeholder relationships to enhance health service delivery.

Hela Governor confident to change province

He said a priority area his administration will be embarking on is the landowner benefits the government is yet to release to them.

Undialu added that so far, more than 300 shipments of LNG have been exported overseas but landowners are yet to receive their royalties.

He said the delay is also on the landowners, who are yet to fix the clan vetting and access their royalties.

Undialu further reiterated that the ‘gun surrender’ program in Hela will continue in order to maintain investor confidence and peace in the province.

Hela leaders committed to serve people

In a joined media conference today, Governor Philip Undialu, Tari Pori MP James Marape, Koroba Kopiago MP Manasseh Makiba and Komo Margarima MP Petrus Thomas, have committed to serving their people and nothing else.

Leading the young province, Governor Undialu called on all the leaders in the province to set aside personnel differences and work together for the good of Hela.

He said Hela has not been achieving any tangible service delivery since becoming a province because of the infighting among political leaders.

Undialu: Potape should just accept defeat

He said the people of Hela have spoken through the ballot papers and this must be respect.

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG Governor Undialu stressed that Potape was coming up with all sorts of excuses to bring him down.

He said allegations raised by Potape against his win were all lies and made up adding that the right channel for him to follow is to go to court.

The member elect adds that the people of Hela are tired of such leaders and want to move Hela forward.

Leave Hela politics alone: Potape

Potape made these remarks this afternoon in a media conference in Port Moresby after his victory was allegedly hijacked by the Provincial Election Manager John Tipa.

“This is Hela politics at its best and am appealing to the good Prime Minister to not get involved in it as it might spoil the good relationship his party have with the people of Hela,” says Potape.

My victory was hijacked: Potape

In a media conference today, Potape said Undialu’s election victory is fake because it did not follow proper legal process.

“I am the duly elected Governor by the people of Hela as their Regional Member but have been denied declaration by the Provincial Returning officer,” says Potape.

After the final elimination of the last candidate in the race, Dr Hewali Hamiya, Potape collected 14,642 bringing his total score to 67,435 while Undialu collected 6,741 which brings his score to 65,836.