UN representatives visit quake affected areas

Gianluca Rampolla, UN Resident Coordinator in PNG, along with David Mcloughlin, Country Representative, UNICEF PNG and Robert Dekker, Emergency Coordinator, UN World Food Programme (WFP) met with communities in some of the most severely-affected communities to talk about their needs and also distributed food and other relief items.

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Hela relief update

Hela Province’s relief coordination team on ground is currently doing a post-mortem and review of rations supply.


Juffa raises concerns on illegal entry of foreigners

The Oro Governor has called on the government to be strict in allowing foreigners who have been deported but have allowed reentry into the country.

6.3 magnitude quake hits Hela, Western

Residents in Ialibu and Hela have confirmed that the quake had been a strong one, lasting for almost 10 seconds.

The Port Moresby Geophysical Observatory (PMGO) says the epicentre was about 45km West of Tari. 

Details are:

Time:                     3.48 pm

Location:              5.8 ° S, 142.5 ° E

Depth:                  10km

Mag:                      6.3

“The earthquake occurred as a result of fault movements in the Papuan Fold and Thrust Belt, which runs parallel to the axial mountain range of PNG,” reports the PMGO.

Hela security threats affect relief efforts

The Emergency Control team has released a statement noting that the security situation which has put lives of relief workers, public servants and the general public in danger might just have a negative impact on the relief efforts.

Under the above circumstances, it is essential that the security situation be immediately brought under control. 

Emergency controller Dr. William Hamblin, in accordance with his duties under section 4 of the Emergency (General Powers) Act 2018, and powers conferred on him under Section 5 of the Act, has authorised that;

RPNGC will assist in relief efforts: Andrews

Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews, said this today while expressing his sympathy for families and victims of the earthquake, which is said to have claimed the lives of over 20 people and caused widespread destruction across these three provinces.

"Police in these three provinces are keeping a close eye on the relief efforts and will actively partake in all humanitarian aid activities in the affected places."

Agiru stadium for Wigmen

The stadium will be the home ground of the Hela Wigmen Rugby League franchise.

In a statement the club says once built, the Wigmen can finally move back to Hela to host games in the 2019 season.

Having its own stadium was one of the challenges by the team since its inception in 2013, where they have had to play their home games in Southern Highlands and recently in Port Moresby.

CS Facility to reopen in Hela

It has been 21 years since the closure of the CS facility in Hawa, Hela province due to  Elnino in 1997 leaving the facility to deteriorate over the years.

In what was supposed to be a temporary lock up, the situation allowed for opportunists to take advantage of what was left of the facility and the lack of corporation and support from previous provincial and national government until this year.


Law and Order challenges in Hela

With poor security coordination, criminals have taken over the roads especially during the transportation of remandees to the courts back and forth from Tari, considering the long distance they have to travel.

Hela governor, Philip Undialu in a conference with the Correctional Services on the reopening of the Hawa CS facility in Hela, says warned opportunists to refrain from such activities.

 “Now it is a signal going to the people of Hela, especially the culprits and law breakers. We will come hard on any perpetrators.”

Hela leaders call for respect

Petitioners Francis Potape, Dr Hewali Hemia and incumbent MP Philip Undialu had their lawyers address the court today on whether to hear the two petitions separately or together after Undialu’s lawyer asked the court to vary the orders which joined the two petitions for trial.

Potape, who brought in a total of 60 witnesses from Hela, Mt Hagen, Lae and as far as Wewak, is calling for respect and peace among the supporters.

“I don’t want anyone to threaten anyone. No one should threaten any of the witnesses,” Potape said.

Political leaders must address Hela situation: Baki

Baki says this issue has blown out of proportion and it needs to be addressed before another state of emergency, or call out, is required.  

He said collective effort is needed at this point. It is not an issue concerning security or police anymore, and unless there is a matter of law and order, police can only do so much.

Baki said security can be provided. Personnel have already been deployed however, the police hierarchy cannot afford to constantly deploy a large number of personnel every time issues of this nature arise.