Greenhouse Gases

JICA to assist PNG develop sustainable GHG inventory

The Climate Change & Development Authority and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will sign the official documents for the project on Thursday, February 9.

Both parties have agreed to finalise the framework of the project aimed at enhancing capacity to develop a sustainable GHG inventory for PNG.

The JICA Team will be providing technical assistance in terms of capacity building for PNG’s GHG Technical experts so that PNG may be able to carry out the GHG Inventory data collection, preparation and reporting for PNG.

The number of companies weaning off carbon is surging

Corporations are finally starting to quit carbon.

The number of companies putting a price on their own carbon emissions has tripled since last year, according to a report released Sunday by the environmental data nonprofit CDP.

By assigning a cost to the production of greenhouse gases, companies hope to establish a financial incentive to wean themselves off fossil fuels. In-house carbon pricing also helps mitigate the effects of current or potential regulation. Carbon prices range from $1 per metric ton of carbon dioxide to $357.