Ginson Saonu

Lae hosts US envoy

Her first stop for the official visit was at Governor’s Office where she met Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu and held high level talk on education, law and order and security (police), rural electrification, agriculture (coffee, cocoa, vanilla), governance, infrastructure, military options and war memorial.

Governor Saonu reflected on the shared history Morobe Province shares with United States of America from World War II.

“The United States along with the other allied forces fought for Papua New Guinea and their presence were felt all over most parts of Morobe.”

New resort for Lae

Governor Ginson Saonu said the resort will be built along the coastline of Wagang Village (Sipaia) from the mouth of Bumbu River to Busu River.

He made these remarks whilst opening the three-day workshop for Morobe Tourism at Wagang Village outside Lae City on Monday, June 29th.

Governor Saonu said the base foundation of tourism in Morobe can be identified on church history at Finschhafen, War History, administrative history at Salamaua and Gold History at Wau- Bulolo.

Morobe mined since 1920s, still underdeveloped: Governor

This was Governor Ginson Saonu’s statement during the Wafi-Golpu forum in Lae.

“We should have major highways, but we don’t, we should have railways, but we don’t. We should have broad based agriculture, but we don’t,” stated the Governor.

“There are no significant roads, highways, bridges. And our health and education facilities are below sub-standard in many instances.

“Panguna Mine in Bougainville was a disaster, Misima was a disaster, Woodlark is looking a disaster, the terms of the first LNG were not favourable for PNG, Papua LNG was not much better.”

Morobe presents record K484.6m provincial budget

Governor Sauno described their budget as a “revolutionary budget” which introduces reforms aimed at setting the foundations for growth and prosperity of Morobe Province.

The governor informed the Treasurer that his government was reshaping rural development in Morobe through direct funding of wards, local level governments (LLGs) and districts.

Funding, vehicles presented to Morobean LO groups

The presentation was done at Bagava Village of Hengambu Tribe, which saw funding support of K500,000 each to the three major tribal landowner group associations of Hengambu, Yanta and Babuaf.

He further presented three new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles to each of the land owner association groups.

Furthermore, the special mining lease (SML 10) Women’s Landowner Association was presented K300,000 as well.

Boana-Nabak footbridge launched

The governor has also committed to upgrade the road between these two places.

The road and bridge will provide access for locals carrying food to and fro for the Lutheran 2020 Synod.

As a national event in Morobe, the governor as the head and on behalf of his people welcomed the event with the funding of:

Morobe govt plans to back LOs

In an effort to address this problem in Morobe, the Provincial Government has announced plans to support clans that want to protect their land.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu announced in Port Moresby today that his government will support clans to register their land, invite investors to partner with Incorporated Landowner Groups in commercial activities, create an economic corridor from Lae to Watarais in Markham, and build a new city at Nadzab.

Alluvial mining for small scale miners, not companies

He said this in support of Morobe Governor, Ginson Saonu.

O’Neill said alluvial mining should be reserved for locals only.

Governor Saonu informed O’Neill that he had with him a letter from the Morobe Gold Field Small Scale Mining Association, on behalf of tenement landowner miners and interested miners in Wau Bulolo Region.

They called for the rejection of an exploration license application made by Wabua Mining Limited and Harmony Gold Exploration Gold Limited in the Wau-Bulolo Valley.