Charlie Gilichibi

CTSL to propose ‘Medical Advance’

CTSL CEO, Charlie Gilichibi, said the this was one specific feedback from its contributing members which they will be proposing to the Task Force Review.

He said under the current legislation a contributing member has to be declared not fit to hold down a job. This will allow them to access their retirement savings for treatment.

State-of-the-art call centre for Nambawan Super

This is the result of the introduction of a centralised communication hub or ‘Unified Call Centre’ which is believed, exceeds international benchmarks.

Chief Manager of Member Services, Charlie Gilichibi, made the announcement yesterday in Port Moresby, saying members and stakeholders can now get prompt responses in a standard manner and in real time.

Nambawan Super conducting nationwide update


Chief Manager Member Services, Charlie Gilichibi, says 54,000 of its members have invalid ‘date of birth’ entries, which is what they are trying to resolve.

Gilichibi says Nambawan Super personnel will be sent throughout the districts to speak to employers to update members’ biodata.

“Because Superannuation is a long-term product where the value is not immediate, some people just leave it like that without coming forward to update their information.