Central Province

Judge reiterates call for help

Speaking during the opening of the Central Province circuit legal year on Tuesday, the judge explained that it is a very expensive exercise to conduct National Court circuits.

Despite National Court circuits being an expensive exercise, Justice Mogish said it must be done for justice to be seen in the rural areas.

It costs K300,000 to conduct one circuit, which is a duration of 10 days.

In a year, there are three National Court circuits where court parties go out to the provinces that don’t have a resident judge. 

Judge: Ignite the flame in Central Province!

Some of the areas in the province were known for addressing law and order issues, he said during the opening of the Central Court circuit today.

Areas like Magarida in the Abau district; Sogeri as well as Tapini in Goilala are some areas that have contributed to that colourful history.

He said in the colonial days, Magarida was used as an area where trouble makers were hung as punishment for their wrongdoing.

Sir Hubert Murray, who was a judge and Lieutenant-Governor of Papua from 1908, resided at Sogeri and travelled into the city to conduct cases.

Land valuer’s jail term suspended

Mariano Edward Lakae of Apanaipi village, Bereina, Central province, who conspired with two others to defraud the National Provident Fund some 18 years ago, was sentenced to six years in prison. However, the court wholly suspended that jail term because the accused has since aged and the case had dragged on for too long.

The court was of the view that Lakae’s case took too long to come to finality and he suffered enough.

Central landowners against illegal land deal

Central Province Pressure Group spokesperson, Lucielle Paru, says the land has been sold to people who had no right over it.

The meet was held to address the issue of the illegal land grabs that are taking place in Central and the recent land grab of Manumanu that had two high profile ministers step aside from their portfolios for allegations of involvement.

From Gabadi, Kairuku-Hiri, Paru said the land itself, as per the Defence organisation, is not suitable for a naval base and that it goes 10 kilometres inland.

Airport heist ‘insider’ refused bail

Alex Una, 38-years-old, from Gogoi village, Rigo, Central Province, and his lawyer went before the court with a bail application last Friday.

That application was refused today by Justice Panuel Mogish because he was of the view that no good reason was put forward by Una to support his bail application.

The judge also raised concerns about the substantial amount of money that was stolen which is yet to be recovered by police.

“A staggering amount of K1.195 million was stolen from Tropicair staff. There is no evidence that all the monies have been recovered.

Slow start for most schools

Schools in Central Province and the National Capital District did mainly registration and enrollment of students today before classes get into full swing during the week.

Loop PNG visited schools in the Central Province, including Porebada Primary School.

The school is located within Porebada Village in the Kairuku-Hiri District and has a population of over 700 students, excluding the elementary school.

Students were busy cleaning up the school ground and classrooms to get them ready for classes.

Hitting the road to avoid high airfares

The father, Julias Maputuna, from Goodenough Island, is taking his family home for the first time for Christmas after living in Moresby for 17 years.

Their journey started this morning at Boroko where they got on a PMV to Kupiano in Central Province.

From Kupiano, they will travel by dinghy to Mailu Island in Central, which is about 121km from Alotau Town.

They plan to spend a night on the island before heading out to Five Bay in Suau, MBP, by dinghy.

Growing dump sites concern locals

This call follows an observation on the growing number of waste heaps along the two main highways into the Central Province – Magi Highway and Hiritano Highway.

The waste vary from old household and office furniture, vehicle parts, old drums to shopping plastics and boxes.

This practice has been ongoing for years and has become a norm for anybody in the city to drive out and dump their waste anywhere along the highway.

Magi Highway upgrade to start in Milne Bay

The upgrade will be done on the 56km road from Alotau town to East Cape in Milne Bay, which is where the national highway ends.

The Magi Highway goes southeast from Port Moresby, turning inland and east just before Rigo, passing through Kwikila.

The road then runs across the Mai Kussa River at Bannon Bridge, where, within a few kilometres, the asphalt concrete gives way to a graded road which continues to Kupiano.

57yo gets 23 years for killing man over pig

Allan Aiso was convicted by the Bomana National Court on Oct 24 for the murder of George Evi on May 5, 2015, at Aipeana village, Kairuku district.

He was found guilty of hurling a spear-knife at Evi’s chest after he found him standing next to his dead pig in the garden.

Justice Panuel Mogish, sentencing him to 25 years’ imprisonment this week, deducted one year, six months from that sentence. This was due to time he spent in remand at Bomana. Aiso will now serve a remaining 23 years and six months in prison.