West Sepik woman makes RPNGC history

A policewoman has made history after being certified as a specialist canine and dog handler for the 2018 APEC meetings.

From West Sepik Province, Constable Valentina Kowa, joined the Royal Papua New Guinea in 2013.

She becomes the first policewoman to join the Police Dog Unit since policewomen were first recruited into the Constabulary in 1976.

Constable Kowa successfully completed her eight-week intensive specialist canine handlers and dogs training with 13 male officers.

“I am so happy and very grateful today. It is very challenging but I have made it and I want to encourage policewomen to join the Dog Directorate,” Constable Kowa said.

Constable Kowa is passionate about being a police officer and wants to encourage other women to take up this profession once dominated by men.

“My aim to join this unit is to break the barrier and let policewomen know that we can do anything that men do.”

The training is aimed at equipping police personnel with essentials skills required for the PNG APEC 2018 and beyond.

Training covers such skills like searching for explosives, crowd control, health, wellbeing and obedience.

The training ended last Thursday, with presentation of certificates and provision of new ‘K9 specific’ duty bags.

Annette Kora