Justice dept stresses on integrity

The Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, emphasised on the importance of being a person of integrity.

Speaking at the contract signing of 31 senior national contract officers, he reaffirmed the department’s support of the government’s stance against corruption.

Secretary Dr Kwa said: “The department is a law office – as you are signing your contracts today you are signing your integrity to this document – that you will be a man or woman of integrity which means a person who applies the rule of law.

“There is a negative perception of the Public Service; this department must change that perception. In signing your contracts, you are committing to our people, making a promise to continue to serve our people for the next three years and to diligently perform at your very best because you love this country just as much as I do.”

The officers that signed their contracts were from the following divisions of the DJAG: 

Justice Administration

Juvenile Justice, Parole Board, Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention, Probation Services, Village Courts, Lands Title Commission and Public Curators  

State Legal Services & Legal Policy

Solicitor General, State Solicitors, Legal Policy and Oceans Affairs  

Corporate Affairs

Assets and Facilities, Policy Planning, Financial Management and Executive Management  

Secretary Dr Kwa encouraged his staff to continue to work hard and be a shining example of a true public servant; serving the State and the people of Papua New Guinea.

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