Education opportunities in Aust: Abel

Acting Prime Mininster, Charles Abel, has proposed to the Australian government for spots in their education system to allow for high achieving PNG students to learn in Australian boarding schools.

Abel said PNG has one of the best education systems at its doorsteps in Australia.

While PNG develops its education system, entry of young Papu New Guineans into Australian schools will be an accelerator for development, stated the acting PM.

Abel said he proposed to the Australian government the opportunity for PNG students to have access to the international learning facilites in Australia, which he believes will be an accelerator for growth.

However, in order to ensure such an idea works, visa issues need to work in both countries’ favours.

Abel said the proposed idea should also extend to primary, high school teachers and university lecturers as well.

(Acting Prime Mininster and Treasurer, Charles Abel)

Cedric Patjole