Central province launch ALESCO payroll

Central Provincial Government Education finally received the ALESCO payroll system as one of the remaining 7 provinces, completing decentralization of administrative powers to the province.


Together with the system launch an MOU was also signed between the Teaching Services Commission and the Central Provincial.

Central Provincial Education Advisor, Gaile Gaoma expressed gratitude for the delegation powers, which will bring ease to their administration. 

“I’d like to commend the Department of Education and TSC for eventually empowering and then trusting us with this responsibility to attend to and address teacher payroll issues at the provincial level,” Gaoma said.

The Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Central Province Education and the National Teachers’ Service Commission will see delegation of 25 functions under the TSC regarding payroll administration.

“25 powers, we are not transferring them to you, we are delegating them to you, and other powers that are legislated in the teaching services act you do its law.” Said Samson Wangihome, Chairman of TSC said.

The ALLESCO system will enable easy access to the payroll system to address:  teacher absenteeism, uploading proper teacher information, and correct positions for pays, after resumption at every start of school year on time and correcting ghost names on the payroll. 

Education Minister, Joseph Yopyyopy who was in attendance said this is one of his visions to bring the powers down to sub-national level to make sure that teachers and students are served well.

“Many times when I sit in my office I see teachers lining up to going into level 7 of FINCORP haus. This must stop. And that’s one of the biggest reason why we want to delegate powers down to the provinces, so that teachers’ affairs can be managed at the provincial level.” He said.

The ceremony included the cutting of the ribbon into the payroll office by the Minister Yopyyopy and a witnessing of the printout of a pay slip from the ALESCO system.

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