Box 69 in Dispute

Counting for the Moresby Northwest By-Elections at the PILAG campus, Waigani, for Ward 10, was suspended for two hours today due to two disputed boxes.

At 3:21 pm today, Box 73 from the polling booth at the Boreboa Primary School was admitted and counted.

However, Box 69 from the polling booth at Waigani Police Station is still in dispute, despite the Box being admitted by Returning Officer, Desmond Timiyaso, the scrutineers refused counting to take place.

The 42 Scrutineers walked away from their posts in disagreement, with the RO's decision to admit the ballot box for counting. 

The scrutineers in turn, submitted a state declaration, halting counting for the box in dispute.

Mr Timiyaso says he will present the grievances and formal documents of the scrutineers to the Electoral Commission.

Marysilla Kellerton