‘Look after your teachers’

Teachers are banks of knowledge. That is why we must prioritise their wellbeing.

Provincial Senior Secondary School Inspector, Gibson Dom, spoke passionately on the subject during a recent event in Morobe Province.

Banks keep our money safe. When it comes to knowledge, teachers are the ones to appreciate.

Speaking at the opening of new classrooms at the Zifasing Primary School, Provincial Senior Secondary School Inspector, Dom, called on parents and students to respect teachers and take good care of them.

“When I say look after your teachers, you must make sure that they have a house to stay in. Ol tichas nogat haus lo stap, ol ronowe go lo skul we i gat haus. Ol nogat haus, ol wok lo muv yet. I’m challenging you, the board members, the DDA (district development authority), the administration; luksave.”

Dom further urged students and the Zifasing community to take care of the new structures. He strongly spoke against graffiti, saying instead of writing on the new building, students should aim to successfully graduate.

Yu la soim osem yu Joe Blow or Raka Rakanai or Moses Mapei, noken go raitim antap lo disla niupla bilding ya,” he stated. “Put all your efforts into studies na taim neim blo yu pairap lo gredueshen dei na yu kisim prais, that’s where your graffiti is.”

(Provincial Senior Secondary School Inspector, Gibson Dom)

Carmella Gware