Churches concern on political impasse

As the political saga continues to baffle the citizens and international community, the churches are not keeping silent about the current situation which had ended up again before the courts.


Representatives from the PNG Council of Churches Secretariat and Member churches called a press conference to express their disappointment on the actions being taken by members of parliament in both sides of the house.

General Secretary for PNG Council of Churches, Reverend Roger Joseph said during the current political impasse the Heads of the Churches stand together to wish the nation, Seasonal Peace and Good tidings which the spirit of Christmas brings.  

The peace is one that turns fear into joy and strength, aggression into humility, forgiveness into forgiveness, prejudice into understanding and division into unity, he added.

“It is in the spirit of this peace that we the head of the churches are appealing to the political leaders to consider as paramount the peace and good tidings which ordinary citizens of this country, the women and the children deserve very much,” he said. 

Churches remind the leaders that greed brings instability, affecting the social and economic growth to the country.

“We want to remind our leaders in both camps of their Christian standing. We understand that they believe in God, and with that we want to ask them to take a noble and responsible stand for the good of our people and the good of our nation,” Rev. Roger added.

Meanwhile, Archbishop of Port Moresby, Cardinal Sir John Ribat appealed to the people to pray for their leaders while making a strong call to the political leaders to consider and respect the validity and power of the constitution in their actions.

“And one important thing that we always look towards to and we always refer to is our constitution. Where is the constitution in the midst of all these? What does our constitution ask us to be able to uphold? This is what we should be promoting among ourselves and among yourselves leaders".Cardinal said.

He said it is a sad case if the leaders don’t see the significance of the constitution in this manner. 

“Where are our leaders in the light of these?” Cardinal Ribat asked.

Frieda Kana