Ahi villages pay respect

Representatives from the six Ahi villages paid their respects at the late Sir Jerry Nalau’s memorial on Thursday, May 13th.

It was a show of unity when representatives from the six villages of Butibam, Hengali, Kamkumung, Wagang, Yanga and Yalu convoyed to the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium to support the late Sir Jerry’s family.

The group was received by Sir Jerry’s younger brother, Giosi Labi, and the fourth daughter of Sir Jerry’s six children, Hethy Nalau.

Ahi Investment Ltd’s deputy chairman, Gae Galang, stressed on the Jabem word “lasituwa”, which means to accept and love one another. This was the principle that Sir Jerry operated on when he moved to Lae and worked with the Ahi people.

“Lo keis blo papa, em ino go nating,” said Galang. “Em kam na em putim wanpla legacy stap wantem yumi nau. Na wanpla tok go lo ol femli, na mipla ol Ahi em tok ‘lasituwa’. Mipla mas holim disla tok na wokabaut wantem disla gutpla bel blo papa.”

Representing the chiefs of the six villages, Tiakap Malac, from Butibam, said despite his Finschhafen heritage, the late Sir Jerry worked in unison with the Ahi clans, where he was recognised as one of their members.

“Wantaim ol pipol blo Ahi, mi laik conveyim tok sori blo mipla i go long displa great leader. Em trutru wanpla ‘Kasiga’ blong mipla ol Ahi, wanpla kwila blo Ahi. Mipla olgeta, em mipla salutim disla man.”

After handing over their contribution, the members of the group individually conveyed their condolence to the family before taking their leave.

(Ahi Investment Ltd’s deputy chairman, Gae Galang, embracing Sir Jerry’s younger brother, Giosi Labi)

Carmella Gware