Inap Nau Campaign reaches Central Province

The Central Province Inap Nau Campaign will kick off next week in Hiri East villages.

The campaign, spearheaded by Papua Hahine Besena, is geared towards ending gender-based violence and other socials issues affecting the villagers.

The campaign will run from February 26-28 in Gaire, Barakau and Tubuserea villages.

The campaign aims to create a wave of change in these Motuan coastline villages.

“The awareness will be carried out on council days of each village,” said Lawrence Tau from National Youth Development Authority, who are partners of Papua Hahine Besena Inap Nau Campaign.

Violence has found its way into the peace loving communities of Central Province and comprehensive and collaborative approaches, such as the Inap Nau Campaign, are needed.

Women, youth, children and family issues, unplanned teenage pregnancies, homebrew consumption and a range of other social problems faced by Hiri East villages will be widely covered in this awareness campaign.

“These are all cross-cutting issues and need to be looked at with a broad perspective,” Tau reiterated.

The campaign will be extended to villages at Hiri West and Rigo, Abau and Kairuku districts.

It is not limited to Central Province only.

There are plans to visit Milne Bay, Western, Northern and Gulf provinces as well to conduct vigorous social issues awareness programs.

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Carolyn Ure