Everyday People PNG : Kumu Tee

I completed my secondary education in a school in the Simbu, at Muaina Secondary School in 2012 and that’s also where I met my wife. We were schoolmates

“My name is Kumi Tee, I am from Jiwaka Province and I am 29 years old. I am married with two children, a girl and a boy. My wife is from Simbu and Eastern Highlands and we live at 5 mile white house area in Port Moresby.”

“I just started work as a security guard with Hawkeye Security and today will be my fourth day at work.”

“Before I came to work here I was running my own canteen at home with my family but since COVID-19 came around it has been very difficult. I saw that the cash flow in the community is very low because we live in the settlement, so I decided to find a job to have a steady income.”

“I have always hated security work, I always said I would never do it. But now with the situation as it is, I had to put aside my pride and just work to earn money for my family.”

“I have come to find that security work is quite relaxing, so I am starting to enjoy it. I am based at the Digicel headquarters and I enjoy it here because there’s not a lot of customers that come and go all the time like in other places.”

“In the future I am thinking of going back to school to continue my education so I plan on working this year to save money for school fees and other expenses, and hopefully go back next year.”

“My wife works at Air Niugini and is also a second year student at UPNG, studying Business.  If our income for this year cannot support both her and I in school then I will let her complete her education and then I will go back to school. My dream is to be a Civil Engineer one day so that’s what I’ll be pursuing.”

Melissa Wokasup