Kariha appointed IBS ambassador

Miss Papua New Guinea and Miss Pacific Islands 2018, Leoshina Kariha, has been appointed brand ambassador for the Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU).

IBS Group entities comprise of IBSUniversity, IBS College, IBS Centre of excellence, IBS Career Development Centre and IBS Research Centre; operating from  two campuses located at Six-Mile (TVET College) and 11-Mile (IBSUniversity) outside Port Moresby.

By representing IBS, Kariha will promote their values of integrity, respect, innovation, service, collaboration, accountability, responsive and excellence.

The appointment of Kariha follows the recent announcement by IBSU Founder, Sir Mick Nades  and Chairperson of MPIP PNG, Molly O’Rourke, for the “IBS Founder’s Scholarships” valued at K2.1 million for the next five years.

Sir Mick said: “We have supported Miss PNG pageant since 1996. For three years we sponsored a Miss IBS in the Miss PNG Pacific Islands Pageant.

“By entering into a partnership with MPIP PNG, we are sending a strong message that this is a true partnership in enriching young women through quality learning. When you educate a woman, you educate a family, a community and ultimately a nation.”

Kariha, who is the first ever IBSU Ambassador, said: “This is an example of such exceptional possibilities. IBSU will provide young women fully funded scholarships amounting to K2.1 million for the next 5 years. That is a milestone in itself, and a blessing for young women in PNG!

“When offered the role to be IBSU brand ambassador, I took the opportunity wholeheartedly because education is very close to my heart. IBSUniversity’s values of education, especially that of women, aligns with my beliefs and principles.

“My mother is a teacher and my parents raised me prioritising education. Education is key to success, it changes lives and can be empowering.”

Beginning in 1989, IBS University has accomplished so much in the last 32 years.

IBS celebrated 22 years of partnership with Southern Cross University of Australia and obtained its university status in 2017.

It is also the first university to receive international accreditation.

Kariha said: “Last year around June, I was awarded a bachelor’s degree scholarship by the East West Centre in Hawaii, United States. COVID-19 restrictions have prevented travels and so the only option for me is to study online. 

“I major in political science with a minor in geography in the hope of helping PNG with its developmental needs in terms of policy and sustainability. It took time getting used to the idea of doing my bachelor’s degree online, but I have accepted that it is the new approach to education.

“I have three more years to go before graduating and so I try to embrace the opportunities that being a student offers, like understanding the needs of other students. I am grateful for the flexibility that online study affords, so that I can give time to mentor other young people during my own educational journey.

“The core objective of MPIP is empowering young women through education – and given that IBS is an educational institution – it is fitting that MPIP PNG and IBS join forces to enhance the goals and purposes of both organisations.

“This ambassadorship role is another example of this important partnership and it is the biggest blessing to play a key role in sealing this partnership for other women to benefit from this prestigious role in future.

“I would like to thank Sir Mick Nades and the IBS staff and team for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am humbled to be bestowed the honour of being launched as the first ever ‘IBS Brand Ambassador 2021’.”

(Sir Mick Nades, Leoshina Kariha and Lady Jenny Nades during the launch of ‘IBS Brand Ambassador 2021’)

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