PNGDF receives masks, sanitisers

The Controller of the COVID-19 National Pandemic Response issued 4,000 boxes (consisting of 200,000 face masks) and hand sanitisers to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force personnel at the National Control Centre in Port Moresby.

David Manning said it was important that the members of the Joint Agency Task Force, especially the PNG Defence Force, Police and the Correctional Services who provide the security overlay for the National COVID-19 Pandemic Response, are given all the protection required to keep themselves safe whilst they assist the health authorities fight the virus.

“Already we have seen an increase in the frontline health workers. We provide the next level of support in this fight and if we are not protected then we could also add to the COVID-19 statistics,” he said yesterday.  

“So far I have arranged for masks and hand sanitisers for the National Control Centre, the National Police Headquarters, the Bomana Police College and the NCD police as well as for the PNG Correctional Services nationwide.

“I intend to secure the necessary PPE for police men and women throughout the country in the coming days.”

Deputy Director Special Services Division, Chief Inspector Luvi Florian, when presenting the supplies on behalf of Controller David Manning to Major Jack Aria, said it is important to protect the frontline officers who are protecting the borders and assisting the frontline health workers in fighting COVID-19.

“The PNG Defence Force provides vital assistance in the effort to contain COVID-19 and continue to be in the frontline manning the borders. Thus, the Controller has seen it necessary to equip all officers, including those in the PNG Defence Force, the Police Force and the Correctional Services, to be self-protected before assisting the health workers in this pandemic operation.”

In response, Major Jack Aria said: “On behalf of the PNGDF Commander, I acknowledge this assistance that will surely boost the troops in our operations. We are committed and will continue to stand united as we face this enemy. Together we will win this battle.”

A total of 4,000 mask and hand sanitisers were delivered to the PNGDF and will be distributed among all its members.

Press release