Ignorant residents not observing SOE directive: Police

While a majority of NCD residents have adhered to the lockdown directive, police are facing quite a challenge with ignorant members of the community.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said it is mostly the unemployed ones who are flaunting the state of emergency orders from the National Government.

The declaration of a state of emergency is to ensure the citizens of this country are protected from the coronavirus disease, or COVID-19.

NCD metropolitan superintendent, N’Dranou, said the working class and their families are adhering to the lockdown directives; it is the other end of the spectrum that is proving to be quite a handful.

“They have nothing to do and they’re on the street and doing all the wrong things,” N’Dranou told this newsroom. “We’d like, as much as possible, for them to be responsible and comply but they’ve proven to be a daily challenge for us to go and remove them, talk to them and ask them to observe social distancing and all these things.

“They’re continuing to do betelnut sales; the more people get together, the higher the chance of the spread of virus. The virus doesn’t move, it is the people who are moving the virus.

“So the appeal from police as part of this SOE directive is that, our people need not move unnecessarily. It is your health, it is your life.”

Carmella Gware