Harmony boosts Bulolo district’s Covid-19 response

The Harmony-operated Hidden Valley Mine (HVM) donated 48 cartons of sanitser, and 10 thermometer guns to the Bulolo District division of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority last week.

The items will be used to boost the district’s response to Covid-19 and general health, and were handed over to District Health Manager Logan Yakam, and representatives of local health centres by Geoffrey Fahey, Manager, Social Performance and Communities. Fred Lelesi, Acting Bulolo Police Station Commander was also present to witness the donation.

“Harmony is proud to provide support to health centres in the Bulolo District. We are a major part of the District and these items are not only going to benefit our landowner communities but the mine’s staff and families, of which many come from the district,” Mr Fahey said.

He added that Harmony supplied building materials to construct a Covid screening centre at the Wau hospital in April.

The supplies will be distributed to health centres in Bulolo, Wau, Watut, Mumeng, Wafi, Buang, and Garaina. Mr Yakam advised that a supply of sanitiser will be given to the Bulolo Police and the Bulolo District Administration headquarters.

An interesting aspect of the donation is that the sanitiser was donated to Harmony for the Bulolo area by Ned Whisky in Victoria, Australia, a distillery that normally produces whiskey. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the company switched to producing sanitiser to help combat the pandemic.

Ned Whisky Executive Chairman, Adam Karafili, and Harmony’s Manager for Procurement and Supply Chains, Jason Watson, worked together to get donations of sanitizer to Bulolo.

Mr Karafili said, “When the crisis hit, it was an easy decision to put our shoulder to the wheel and adapt our production facility to provide as much assistance as we could to the Covid-19 response. Over the last two and a half months we’ve prioritised charities, essential services, and other organisations who are working tirelessly to protect vulnerable and at-risk members of the community. We’re very happy that we were able to work with Harmony to assist the people of the Bulolo District in Papua New Guinea.”

HVM also has plans in place to engage women's groups in the district to sew and distribute around 6 000 face masks for nearby communities.

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