Teachers urged to update biodata

Nambawan Super Limited (NSL) and the Teachers Services Commission (TSC) will be working together to update the bio-data of teacher members.

This is to ensure that members and their beneficiaries receive entitlements spelled out in agreements signed with the NSL.

NSL and the TSC told the media today that a joint exercise will be carried out next year to have the bio-data updated through the distribution of NSL forms together with Teaching Resumption Forms throughout the provinces.

Teachers are expected to fill in both forms and hand them in to the provincial TSC offices.

NSL Chief Manager of Member Services, Charlie Gilichibi, says this process is to avoid future problems faced by so many beneficiaries.

“Importantly there are issues when members don’t have up to date information with Nambawan Super.

 “So when that happens, if someone passes on, we have issues trying to settle next of kins, relatives and that issue cascades in their families, in their communities.” said Gilichibi.

TSC Commissioner Policy, Samson Wangihomie, encouraged teachers to ensure they have updated information with NSL to ensure their entitlements are safe.

“Please do declare your beneficiaries. We have had experiences where other people have claimed and were paid out our members superannuation and when the real people come, it becomes very difficult for us to identify.

“And also both NSL and TSC are taken to court including the Department of Education payroll for what they claim is negligence on our part,” said Wangihomie.

The bio updating program will begin early next year.

Graduating teachers entering the workforce are also included in the exercise.

Teachers make up around 50 per cent of the total membership of NSL.

Cedric Patjole