Scholarships for 33 students

In commemoration of City Pharmacy’s 33 years of operation, the company will be offering 33 scholarships to pharmaceutical students of the University of Papua New Guinea in 2021.

Managing Director, Mahesh Patel, said the company will now be working closely with the University to put the applications out in the coming months.

City Pharmacy Limited has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 1987.

Patel while announcing the 33 scholarships, said the partnership with UPNG School of School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the beginning of a long term partnership.

“We said okay it's 33 years, let’s use double 3 and we are going to offer 33 scholarship. This will be spread out to three years. The scholarship will entail a lot of qualification requirements which we will work with the faculty. Apart from the academic requirements, we want students who are really in need of funding," said Patel.

Associate Professor in Pharmacy Dr. Jackson Lauwo, said the scholarships will boost the morale of students to work and study harder.

“This scholarship is going to be very useful to the students; it will motivate them. It will encourage students to work harder because it will be very competitive.”

Patel said the criteria of the scholarship will look at the socio economic background of the students, their academic qualifications, passion and the willingness of their work.

“We will start advertising applications very soon because the academic year starts next year but the applications will start later this year.”

Professor Nakapi Tefuarani, executive dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, said such a partnership as this one is the beginning of bigger partnerships between the students, CPL and the pharmaceutical fraternity.

Jemimah Sukbat