Rigo health services expected to improve

Health services in Rigo District are expected to improve through the mobile health clinic.

This is an initiative of the Digicel Foundation in partnership with the office of the Member for Rigo and the District Development Authority.

The partnership for the purchase of the mobile health centre was signed on Monday, November 12th.

Many sectors in both districts and provinces lack resources and facilities and in the health sector, mobile health services or fully kitted ambulances is one of the vital resources that is lacking; and this is no exception for Rigo District in Central Province.

Member for Rigo, Lekwa Gure, said currently the district has two ambulances; one operates out of Hula village serving nearby villages while the other serves people in Rigo Inland.

“This mobile health clinic will help the health workers at the district level, especially during emergencies where you have a situation where as soon as the health workers get there, the ambulance is kitted with necessary equipment to give the patient a fighting chance,” said Gure.

The mobile health clinic comes fully kitted out with oxygen tanks, stretchers and vital equipment to stabilise patients before they are brought to the nearest major health centre.

The Landcruiser mobile health clinic can travel the most rugged conditions, making it ideal for the remote areas in the district.

“The mobile health clinic is one of our health programs. It comes in two-fold; it treats and prevents,” stated Digicel PNG Foundation’s Chief Operations Officer, Adi Anaseini Vesikula.

“So to treat means taking treatment to your doorstep and at the same time educates people about primary health care.”

Carolyn Ure