Principal applauds Governor’s vision

It is a historical feat for a provincial government to build a national institution.

The Enga Teachers College principal, Michael Homingu, pointed this out during a visit by Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, and his guest, Australian High Commissioner, Jonathan Philp.

Enga was in a hype on the morning of Wednesday, June 17th, as Philp and his second secretary, Yasmine Davis, arrived at the Kumul border separating Western Highlands and Enga.

Traditional dancers, with bodies glowing with oil and paint, started off the welcome at the border boom gate.

After a short ceremony there, where a Gene Xpert machine was presented to the provincial COVID-19 taskforce committee, the delegation made their way to the Enga Teachers College and the University of Goroka-Enga campus.

Principal Michael Homingu, in welcoming the group, said the college was established in January 2011 in a primary school located just above it.

“It was borne out of that primary school,” he said.

During that time, a 12-in-1 classroom was built for the college and in 2012, they moved down to their current location and have been there since.

Within the span of a few years, and under the Papua New Guinea-Australia partnership, the college now has new computer equipment with wireless connectivity, a digital library and a K10 million, 4-level lecture and library block that is almost complete.

The delegation toured the state-of-the-art facility, where construction started in 2019.

After that they visited the four-storey male and female dormitories that are also nearing completion.

The institution is currently a day college but will soon be able to accommodate students once the facilities are completed.

For now, the principal says they live with their relatives and are shuttled in daily for lessons, while the few students from outside the province are housed by the Enga Provincial Government.

“The same mode of operation is used by EPG for the UOG-Enga Campus students,” said Homingu.

He commended the Governor for his vision, adding the college will soon be a world-class learning facility that will rival other institutions in the country.

Carmella Gware