Dinghies presented to ELCPNG circuits

Three circuits of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG received their own motorised dinghies in Lae.

The brief presentation was made by Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu in the presence of the three respective circuit presidents of Kote District, Jaka Circuit and Bunanue Parish of Malalo Circuit of Morobe.

Upon presentation of the three 75 horse-power outboard motors at Voco Point on Saturday, May 9th, Governor Saonu emphasised the need for people to feel the presence of the government right at their doorstep, especially in the rural areas where transportation is vital for progress.

“What we see here today is the commitment of the Morobe Provincial Government working with ELC-PNG in Morobe to realise and serve the needs of the simple people,” he stated.

“Morobe is a vast province which requires the use of transport for the sea, land and air.

“Some areas have been neglected of Government services and so the Church plays a very fundamental role for example, in delivering services like transportation.”

Governor Saonu said the presentation of the three dinghies signifies the Church-State Partnership Program of which MPG is spearheading within respective churches in the province.

“These three areas of the church utilise the sea heavily and their main mode of transport is through the use of the dinghies and boats,” Governor Saonu stated.

He said when more funds are secured, MPG is keen to deliver similar dinghies to more of the coastal churches of Morobe to ensure the work of the good Lord is more active than ever before.

He highlighted Deka and Labuta Circuits of Yabim District will be on the list for new dinghies when MPG secures funding soon.

Governor Saonu urged the church leaders to look after the dinghies as these vessels will not only serve church purposes but will support other emergencies.

Pastor Pase Zamunu, President of the Jaka Seke Circuit, whilst appreciating MPG said overtime, it is quite a costly exercise for the church elders and congregation to meet the needs, affairs and operation of their respective churches.

“Today our church duties will be strengthened. People think the Church has money but the truth is that we rely on the congregation’s offerings that assist our work,” Pastor Zamunu said.

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