FairPrice has joined Transparency International PNG in the fight against corruption as the latest corporate member in the SME category.

The initiative to join was led by FairPrice staff after TIPNG held a lunch and learn workshop with them last year.

“We understand corruption affects the economy, business operations and even simple sporting games. It matters to us, our families and our livelihood,” commented FairPrice director, Christopher Elphick.

“In joining TIPNG, we gain access to resources and information that inform and empower our team to act against corruption in our everyday lives. We see it as a good investment for many reasons.”

The SME is encouraging others to join as well.

“Fighting corruption is everyone’s business, and sustainable change in this regard can only be achieved through our collective action,” says TIPNG CEO, Arianne Kassman. “Therefore, it is important that SMEs such as FairPrice join in the anti-corruption movement as even their small voice can be of collective impact in the long run.”

(From left: Bruno Siare – PAIS Project Coordinator, Sophia Batek – FairPrice marketing coordinator, and Arianne Kassman – CEO of TIPNG)

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