Online payment to reel in more fishing customers

PNG Fishing Tackle customers in PNG can now pay for fishing gears online via the PNG Fishing Tackle website.

This was made possible through the partnership with Bank South Pacific’s Internet Payment Gateway platform to allow customers nationwide to purchase fishing gears anywhere, anytime.

PNG Fishing Tackle is a fresh and far-reaching online brand backed by a passionate community of almost 30,000 PNG-based followers on Facebook. From beginners to pros, families and sustenance fishermen - they supply a wide and growing range of gear to suit most people keen to catch the next big one! 

PNG anglers can purchase rods and reels, fishing lines, lures, polarised sunglasses and so much more.

It started as a passion-project online brand in early 2017 with just a little more than a handful of Shimano combos and Halco lures from Australia while an ad-hoc, informal method of connecting with interested customers via Facebook has increased its customer base.

“Since early 2017, we have been providing our customers with quality fishing gear for both salt and freshwater, and all the extras that fishermen, from beginner to old-timer, would use,” National Sales & Marketing Manager, Ketsin Robert, said.

“Our new online payment portal is being introduced not so much to widen our customer base or increase revenue - but as part of our continuous efforts to improve customer experience.  Internationally, online payment options are a standard expectation especially for customer convenience - why should our community be left behind?

“We are happy and excited to see BSP's online payment portal for SMEs roll out over the coming months and grateful to be part of this process.”

The website can be accessed through

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