How the Huawei P10’s dual cameras fare against the competition

DXOMARK’s verdict is in. The site, which has become the benchmark for camera and lens-image testing, has posted its review of the Huawei P10’s (click for complete specs) dual cameras.

And it’s good news for the collaboration between China’s Huawei and Germany’s Leica.

DxOMark has given the regular P10 a high score of 87, with higher marks for photos than videos. This puts the new smartphone in third place, next to the Google Pixel — the current top scorer with 89 points — and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the HTC 10, and the Sony Xperia X Performance — all with a rating of 88.

According to the site, the Huawei P10’s photo sub-score of 88 is excellent, thanks to these factors:

  • exposures in all conditions, including extreme low light;
  • color rendering;
  • white balance;
  • detail and texture preservation; and
  • auto-focus.

The phone’s video sub-score, while still good, is lower at 84 points. And DxOMark says it is because of the following:

  •        slightly unsaturated color in some movies as a result of occasional underexposure in tricky lighting conditions;
  •       obvious color shading — changing from pink at the center of the frame to green at the edges — in low-light conditions;
  •       strong luminance noise in videos shot in all lighting conditions;
  •       some slight focus stepping in low-light videos;
  •       residual high-frequency motion in all videos; and
  •      “jello” effect in handheld videos taken on the move.

Announced at Mobile World Congress 2017, the P10 is the successor to last year’s Huawei P9. As with its predecessor, the device features two camera sensors on the back: a 20-megapixel one for monochrome details, and the other, a 12-megapixel affair, for colors.