Vari Lahui

NCSL reaches over 100,000 members

NCSL general manager, Vari Lahui, said the Society has achieved this milestone in a relatively short period of time, an indication of its strong performance since its inception, growing its membership from 18,164 in its first year to over 100,000.

Lahui added this demonstrates the trust and confidence that members have in the Society and NCSL continues to repay this through sustained profitability and consistent returns to members while offering innovative products and providing consistent quality service.

NCSL opens new branch

This follows the official opening of its new stand-alone branch in Port Moresby to serve members.

In a statement, NCSL says the development is part of a strategic plan to develop their own branch network and implement initiatives to strengthen its position as the fastest growing savings & loan society in the country with a healthy record of returns for members.