stretch marks

Kim Kardashian is ''so excited'' to get stretch marks removed

The 36-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said on Snapchat that she had gotten some stretch marks lasered off by Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian. She did not reveal which body part was treated. Ourian had performed a similar procedure on Kim's breasts in 2014 and her appointment was shown on her reality show.

"I feel so excited that I finally did it," Kim said on Snapchat. "I've been so scared to do it, like it hurts so badly, and it didn't hurt that badly. So I'm so grateful and I'm so excited. I love you, Dr. Ourian!"

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The mum-of-one took to social media to show an image of her inner thigh with the caption "Whatevs", which has been retweeted 19,000 times and received 148,000 likes.

Her photo was welcomed by other Twitter users who shared posts of their own stretch marks or replied with positive messages.