Provincial Police Commander

Central Province highway patrol back

Provincial police commander, Sibron Papoto, says the unit has been reinstated as of two weeks back with members and vehicles relegated to them.

There are presently 22 new members along with two vehicles assigned to help the unit carry out police work.

PPC Papoto says the rationale behind the reinstatement of the unit is to help with the identified law and order issues along the highway communities.

Tribal fighting erupts again

Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said the fighting subsided last Wednesday when Enga’s Mobile Squad (MS11) withdrew from Southern Highlands with a section of military personnel stationed at strategic locations on the border of the two warring tribes. 

On Monday, the peace and good order committee, escorted by police, visited both tribes to foster peace agreements, but one tribe refused.

This morning, PPC Kakas said fighting erupted again with the Kii tribe launching an attack on the Kala tribe.

Oro PPC suspended

Information from the Police Headquarters in Port Moresby state that the PPC was said to have apprehended two men from his home village upon the belief that they were behind a sorcery-related act in relation to a swollen feet.

The two men were taken from the village and were reported to have been beaten up along the way.

Police say one was pronounced dead while the other is now in hospital in critical condition.

Deputy Police Commissioner-Operations, Jim Andrews, says such acts, especially by a senior police officer, are uncalled for in the force.

Manus police cells overcrowded

Provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, is now raising concerns over the number of detainees and remandees in the new police station building.

Currently there are 45 detainees and remandees in the police cells.

Yapu, who spoke to this newsroom, said the new police station has separate holding cells for male, female and juvenile detainees but the 45 is a lot.

“We want to keep a small number of detainees at one time at the cells,” he said.

Manus Police: Common sense must prevail

“They must remain in their yard or premises and celebrate New Year and not come out on the main road and street to block off the road or dump rubbish.

“Police will come hard on them if they break the law. Police will be working round the clock 6pm to 6am.

“Those people that are living in the small outer Islands of Manus, the same message applies to them.

Suspect in Sogeri incident apprehended

This was revealed by Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi this afternoon.

Police have reason to believe that the apprehended suspect is one of the men in an old man’s masks that ran towards the vehicle in an attempt to hold up a family consisting of a couple, their two children and paternal grandfather.

The family was travelling down from a sightseeing trip at Varirata, outside Port Moresby.

The whole ordeal was captured on a dashboard camera and has since gone viral on social media; even attracting international attention.

​No magistrate in Popondetta: PPC

PPC Lincoln Gerari made the call following the local magistrate’s absence from work for several weeks.

Police do not know where the magistrate is, but they know that the cell block at the Popondetta Police Station is currently overcrowded with prisoners awaiting court hearing.

“There are currently 80 prisoners in the cell.”

The PPC says they have tried reducing the bail for minor cases to make up space at the cell; however the number continues to increase each day.

3 dead, several injured in Kundiawa riot

The incident occurred at around 7am on Sunday.

A source told TVWAN news that supporters of sitting MP Tobias Kulang tried to enter the counting centre when they were stopped by members of the public, which then led to a big fight.

Provincial Police Commander, Alex N’Drasal, confirmed that Kulang is in police custody in Goroka, firstly for his own safety, and to wait out his court hearing.

PPC N’Drasal said Kulang’s first court appearance this morning did not eventuate because there was no judge to see to it.

​SHP goes to polls today

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Sibron Papoto says over 1000 security personnel will be on ground, while 743 police officers will be involved in providing security to polling officials with election materials.  

Police personnel in Hela and Simbu were scheduled to make their way yesterday to Mendi, following the completion of polling in most of these areas. 

Trouble-free West Sepik

Provincial Police Commander Robert Gesa commended the people’s behaviour during the campaign period.

“I am very happy with candidates and supporters’ conduct, which have shown a sign of maturity,” PPC Gesa said.  

He further appealed to the people of West Sepik to maintain peace in the remaining days of the election campaign period and polling.

The 14 days polling of the 2017 National Election will start on June 24.  

(File picture of Vanimo Town)