Price gouging

Shop owners will be arrested for price gouging: Treasurer

“Price gouging will not be tolerated in this time of crisis,” he stated.

“The Marape-Steven government has gazetted powers to police to arrest shop owners breaching these guidelines. Police will also arrest people who are exploiting this situation by looting shops. We can deal with this crisis by working together.

“In times of emergency, some people can panic. Some shop owners can panic and lift prices to increase their cash flows in a time of great uncertainty. Some people claim anger at price increases as a reason to loot shops.

Price gouging concerns as American Samoa recovers from Gita

Retailers are being reminded it's illegal to raise the price of certain consumer goods by 10 percent or more after the declaration of a state of emergency.

The territory's governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, declared a state of emergency last Friday as the devastating winds and heavy rain from Gita began impacting the main island of Tutuila.

Soon after this reports surfaced of price gouging at some stores.

The price gouging law requires businesses to provide proof a price rise is not "unfair".


Photo by Pacific Roots/Twitter