New Ireland Province

New Ireland a natural disaster casualty: Governor

This includes people missing at sea, roads and bridges being washed away, landslips and food gardens destroyed.

At least three Council areas in the Namatanai district have been cut off completely, making it difficult to access services in Namatanai town.

One of the worst hit areas is the Matalai LLG in the Namatanai District, which is Governor Sir Julius Chan’s locality. He said the damages caused by mother nature are costly and will require great assistance from the Government.

New Ireland’s unique Council of Elders

The annual event, which started in 2009, is unique to New Ireland Province.

180 local men and women leaders started arriving by boat on November 6th for the three-day forum at Tatau, which was officially opened that same evening by chairman of the Council of Elders, Sir Noel Levi.

The official opening was witnessed by Governor Sir Julius Chan and his guest, Northern Province Governor Gary Juffa.

Fully outfitted truck presented to Lokono women

Former Transport Minister and current Minister for Public Service, Westley Nukundj, kept his word after making a promise to help the village two months ago during the opening of the Kaut to Lokono road, which he had the honour of launching. 

The Minister noted at the time that now that the people of Lokono had a decent road that provided access to the Boluminski Highway, and on to Kavieng.

He believed it would be of great economic benefit to the people if the women had reliable transport to get their produce to the Kavieng Market.

Grand celebration for Boluminski Highway

The event is set for February 27th and 28th of this year.

This follows the announcement by the Governor, Sir Julius Chan, tasking the Works Manager, Solomon Pela, as Chairman of the Organising Committee.

He will take the lead and assemble the biggest celebration of feasting and dancing assisted by the Deputy Chairman, Memafu Kapera, who is the CEO for Tourism.

Lihir royalty payment update

This was from 1997-September 2018, as part of its socio-economic commitment to the province and the country.

In the quarter July-September 2018, Newcrest paid K15,091,680 to the stakeholders.

NIPG received K7,545,840 (50 percent), NLLG received K4,527,504 (30 percent) and Lihir SML block owners received K3,018,336 (20 percent). These portions (percentage) have been agreed upon, through a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) by the State, NIPG, NLLG and SML block owners.

Academic clarifies use of ‘maimai’ title

UPNG Political Science academic *Patrick Kaiku, who is also a New Irelander, says maimai (chief) is a specific leadership title of the people of Tikana or generally, the Kavieng area.

“There are rituals, usually connected to the Malagan ceremonies that are specific to this leadership style of the Tikana clans.

“The Namatanais have their own indigenous names for leadership titles – I believe kabasit is the title. In New Hanover we have the Passingan title, and so on and so forth.”

AC1 improvements boost Lihir production

The improvements were implemented on eight agitator assemblies in AC1 which enabled an extended operating campaign.

The agitator assemblies were removed during a major shutdown in June 2017 and replaced with a trial modified agitator blade assembly design that had been developed with the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and paint modelling.

Turning point for NIP: Governor

This was the message from New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan after the July 12th Inter Government Agreement signing between the Government and New Ireland, East New Britain and Enga Province.

A determined and satisfied Governor conveyed that the signing was a historical moment, a turning point for the country and a win for his people and generations to come.

New Ireland leaders issue warning to outsiders

As a result, the New Ireland Provincial Government has kicked off a series of awareness programs on lawlessness in public areas.
The first outreach was staged on July 7th at the Kavieng town market.

Speaking at the event was the Chief executive officer for administration and Public order, Roboam Paka, and First secretary to the Governor, Robin Brown.

Officer Paka said by nature New Irelanders are very peaceful people, but people from outside have brought in with them their criminal behaviour.

New Ireland elders urged to clarify stance

During World Ocean Day last month, the Alliance of Solwara Warriors reiterated that the development of new ocean industries, such as deep seabed mining, is a shared concern and responsibility.

“It will be very interesting to see which side they support. Are they going to be concerned about our culture, customs and traditions?

“Their leadership as custodians of our natural resources is very important,” said the Alliance in a statement.  

“Can they see beyond their noses and expose their true colour of leadership or are they politically bestowed the titles of chief?