NCD/ Central Commander

Commander firm on demolition directives

Speaking to this newsroom, Commander Yamasombi said the demolition will still go ahead regardless of the refusal of some families still living in the single quarters.

A tour of the single quarter barracks today saw most families moving about as normal as contracted workers progressed the cutting of the rest of the last few trees in the area, all under the watchful protection of a unit of the mobile squad.

Gordon’s single quarters set for demolition

Earlier this afternoon saw the first phase of the demolition take place as contractors chopped down the raintrees.

Present to witness this was the NCD/ Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi, and officer-in-charge of the Gordon’s Barracks, Chief Sergeant Jeffery Simewa.

Commander Yamasombi told the tenants that apart from the 15 genuine families who had remained after missing out on housing at the new Bomana barracks, they will be the only ones that will be looked at for relocation.

Kalaut hands over command

Kalaut held a hand over parade this morning was witnessed by senior police officials of the police hierarchy.

This hand over comes after the call by the commissioner for police for changes in some of the senior positions in the Royal PNG Constabulary hierarchy.

The ceremony makes official one of the 26 positions of the reshuffling directives by Police Commissioner, Gari Baki.

Kalaut will be taking office as the new Assistant Commissioner (ACP) Human Resources at the Police Headquarters.

Families of police officers to be moved to Bomana

NCD/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut says a health inspection was done last year by the NCDC Health Inspection Division of which it was deemed unfit for human occupancy.

Kalaut says from the Police Headquarters, the state still owes the contractors some money.

“Once this is sorted, the officers will be moved to the houses at Bomana and renovations will be done to the single quarters,” says Kalaut.

He added the Police Commissioner has ordered for the demolition of the single quarters.