National Capital District Commission (NCDC)

NCDC attempts to prevent theft of public land

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said in Port Moresby, there is a need to get titles as some people are doing corrupt deals to steal land reserves for recreational parks, roads and drainage reserves for personal gains.

Parkop said in order to prevent that from happening and to stop the deals at the Department of Lands, NCD has to get the title.

He said 23 state land titles was a good start when the Minster for Lands presented it over to NCDC earlier last month.

NCDC to clamp down on illegal markets

The spot fines will come into effect next month.

In an announcement this week, the NCDC said all vendors, hawkers and sellers using public areas to make business should start returning to proper designated markets to conduct their vending.

City manager Leslie Alu said NCDC reserve police, with assistance from the Royal PNG Constabulary, will purposefully remove all illegal and unwanted vending and make sure all vendors return to city markets.

The enforcement is part of the ‘Operesen Klinim Mosbi’ (Operation clean Moresby), which was launched in July.

Youths will gather support from residents

This is to rally residents to sign orange hands that signify their promise to do their part to make the city safe for women and girls.

The youth-driven solidarity campaign, Sanap Wantaim, is co-funded by the Australian Government and National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and is part of the UN Safe cities program.

The aim is to bring together men and boys, women and girls, to make Port Moresby a safe city.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop says everyone has a role to play in making our city a safe city for women and girls.

NCDC rated as top organization in PNG

Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu, when praising NCDC management for positive initiatives said the Commission is 10 steps ahead of other organisation in terms of smart government.

“I believe this is the organisation that can take a leap in this 21st century in terms of modernising our civil servants, cutting edge technology and raising the bar of civil servants performances,” Sir Puka said.

He was speaking as a guest speaker at the Commission’s first ever ‘Long Service Staff Rewards’ night at the Airways Hotel in Port Moresby recently.

Beach cleaned up after celebrations

After the Hiri Moale festivities, NCDC has had people down at Ela Beach since yesterday to clean out the beach of any rubbish so families can once again enjoy the recreational area.

Get ready for Klinim Mosbi Campaign

Sustainable Coastline PNG (SCPNG), in collaboration with principle partner NCDC, is coordinating nine public awareness events across NCDC through the campaign.

Founder and CEO of SCPNG, Ryley Webster, says this is to educate NCDC residents about the impact of littering plastic products on the environment and human health. It will also inspire them to incorporate easy-to-adopt solutions into their everyday lives.

“The events will involve the delivery of these messages through the art of music, theatre as well as high profile ambassador appearance,” Webster says.

NCDC will own footbridge after 20 year

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop says the footbridge was constructed by Phoenix Builders under a Build Operate and Transfer agreement.

He said that funding to build the soon-to-opened overhead footbridge was solely funded by the contractor.

 When opened, the footbridge will provide a safe pedestrian crossing for city residents, because now people take great risk to cross the four lane freeway to reach their destination.    

Public supports call to shut Gordon Market

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop in a media conference yesterday said the decision to shut down Gordon's Market will be going before the National Capital District Commission management and board for deliberation because of public complains on the high rate of petty crimes happening around the vicinity of the market.

These are some of the comments by Loop PNG readers on Facebook.

Ludwig Nanawar said: “Shut it down and convert the land into a shopping mall, business centre or residential area.”

NCDC spends K20 million annually for cleaning the city

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said these funds can be put into supporting the health and education sector if city residents take pride in where they live.

He added that the controversial betelnut ban was introduced in 2012 because of rubbish which is mainly caused by betelnut husks and spittle.    

The money is spent on public cleaning and beautification which had been outsourced to PNG Gardener.