Minister for Works

Community urged to take ownership

The 40 metres Haumu bridge was constructed at a cost of K700,000.

Minister Nali when addressing the people at the opening urged the people to take care of such infrastructures and take responsibility to own it.

"The Government will always provide services but all it is asking for is for people to take ownership and look after it."

Speaking as the Alotau MP, Mr Abel said such infrastructures are important for the Government as it opens up opportunities for people to take part in doing business and other commercial activities.

​Residents urged to take care of infrastructure

Nali made the call after inspecting the Laloki and Brown River bridges today.

“Infrastructure like this cost a lot of money,” he stressed.

“And one thing that I will ask from the Central people and others is to look after these infrastructure and forget about the ‘no care’ attitude.

“We must take ownership of such and make it our priority to look after them because it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with such infrastructure.”

He called on the people to report any acts of vandalism.