Manus Police

Foreign yacht intercepted in Manus waters

Police confirmed that there was an Australian couple on board who had travelled from Australia to Indonesia and into PNG waters. They were on their way to Rabaul, East New Britain Province.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the couple was warned of the state of emergency lockdown and was refused entry into Manus.

He advised them to continue their journey to their destination in Rabaul.

Police intercept drugs, firearms

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said police searched the boat, which was travelling from Madang Province with bags of betelnuts, and recovered large quantities of drugs, including two homemade guns, a factory made magnum pistol, four 12-gauge shotgun rounds and eight 9mm pistol rounds with a magazine.

The six suspects were arrested and charged for conveying drugs and in possession of the unlicensed  firearms and ammunitions.

Of the six people arrested, one of them was a former prisoner who was recently discharged from Beon CS.

Stepdad charged with sexual abuse after viral post

Manus Provincial Police Commander, chief inspector David Yapu, directed his officers from family sexual violence to investigate and take appropriate actions after the issue went viral on social media.

The accused, Willie Towak, aged 43 of Pak Island, Rapatona LLG, was arrested and charged with sexual abuse.

Police alleged that since 2013, the accused allegedly abused the victim, Raylene Pachichi, with her two small sisters after their mother married him following their father’s passing in 2011.

Police: Peaceful celebrations in Manus

Provincial Police Commander, chief inspector David Yapu, said the main celebrations were staged at Independence Park in Lorengau town with flag raising by PNGDF HMPNGS Tarangau in the morning and lowering of the flag in the afternoon.

The Governor of Manus, Charlie Benjamin, who was the guest speaker, delivered a keynote address on the occasion of the 43rd Independence Anniversary to the people of Manus.

Yapu said the Police were out in full force to ensure the celebrations were staged peacefully and orderly.

Manus police appeal to community

Only two cases were reported with arrests made and Manus Provincial Police Commander David Yapu thanked the people of Manus for a peaceful celebration in the Province.

An infanticide case was reported in Lorengau over the long weekend.

A male infant was found floating at sea between 6 and 8 am on Easter Monday, at ward 3, near the council center in Lorengau town.

Provincial Police Commander Chief inspector David Yapu said Police retrieved the dead infant who is now at the Morgue.

Police capture alleged drug ring leader

Suspect Boas Thomas Lau, aged 30, from Hahai village, Pak Island, was arrested and charged on Saturday, February 24.

Manus provincial police commander (PPC), David Yapu, said the mobile squad responded to a tip off about a drug syndicate operating between Manus and Madang, apprehending the alleged ring leader at Lorengau main market and confiscating large quantities of drugs from his possession.

The suspect admitted to buying drugs in Madang and transporting them to Manus by boats involved in the buai trade.

Married man arrested for holding woman captive

Manus provincial police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the woman was held captive in the accused’s house at Pere village for some time, where she was denied her rights and freedom to movement, even to come out of the house for ‘nature’s call’.

He said the convict's wife and the woman were all living in one house and while his wife was allowed to move around freely, the victim was not.

Yapu said the husband of the woman went to the man’s house and asked him to release his wife so he could take her to see their children at their house.

Specialized police units created in Manus

Family Sexual Violence (FSV), Sexual Offences Squad, (SOS) and Transnational Crime unit (TCU) are new units.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu said creation of the Sexual Offense Squad is in response to reported cases of rape, sexual penetration, child molesting, incest and sexual touching in the province.

He said there are serious offences and must be dealt by appropriate unit so that the perpetrators are dealt with the full force of the law with punitive punishment.

2017 challenging for Manus police

In highlighting the year, Provincial Police Commander, David Yapu, who was also promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector in April, said he was faced with lots of challenges and critics from people last year.

“I have made a lot of changes in the organization especially dealing with discipline issue as our number one priority and brought the organization and Manus Province to the next level within my (2) years in the Province.

Wrap up festive operations in Manus

Police say the suspect is a known prison escapee who had been on the run.

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector said police were out in full force to ensure the New Year was celebrated peacefully however there were reported incidents which police were able to attend to.

They include a break and enter incident where a youth broke into a shop to steal. That youth has since been arrested and is in police custody.

There was also reports of unlawful wounding, discharging of firearms and two arrests made for homebrew and drug consumption.