Lekwa Gure

Societies place emphasis on education: Gure

This was the message Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure, imparted to the administration and the graduands at the 9th graduation of the David Kini School of Theology and Mission at Kwikila Station recently.

He listed the seven pillars of western wisdom; Meritocracy, Free Market Economy, Science and Technology, Pragmatism, Culture of Peace, Rule of Law and Education as important for the church to adopt and practice in its leadership and management if it wishes to have quality membership and leadership.

Play hard but fair: Gure

He said this when speaking at the opening of the 2017 Hekari Central Cup yesterday.

“We all know the great benefits of sports. Apart from the health benefits, sports is also a means of bringing people together and establishing social contacts.

“I’m sure that during the course of the next three days, you will all get to know each other either on the field or off the field.

“So I’m urging all the 12 teams to be the best ambassadors for your respective villages,” said Gure.

Gure went on to say that sports promotes leadership as well.

Pala disputes Gure’s win

Pala has filed a petition alleging two counts of bribery against Gure and grounds of errors and omissions against the Electoral Commission. This was during the scrutiny process at the Kwikila counting hall.

He anticipates bringing 15 witnesses for the trial while the first term MP and retired airline captain, Gure, is expected to have his lawyers file an objection on the competency of the petition.

Directions have been issued by the court to prepare it to go for trial while a date is yet to be set.

​Women should head some sectors: Gure

He pointed this out during his transitional brief recently at Kwikila town, the heart of Rigo district.

During the event, the MP and his wife Vavine noted that most of the presenters (coordinators/sectoral heads) that day were men, with the exception of only one woman.

“Here we are talking about gender equity. Perhaps in the district administration, we should look at some of the positions to have women as the head of those sectors,” says MP Gure.

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Rigo MP stresses on rule of law

The rule of law is important for an orderly society.



Better policing for Lae residents

With the 2017 National General Elections at an end, Lae Police will get back into the business of providing better policing services for residents.

Rigo MP stresses on rule of law

This was the message the Rigo MP, Lekwa Gure, gave to the Central Royal PNG Constabulary during an inspection of guards at Kwikila Town this morning.

The newly-elected Member says he has always respected the police force.

"Apart from all the other armed forces, the police force is known as the law enforcement agency," said Gure.

"When you become a policeman, you swear and pledge your loyalty to the government of the day that you will serve the government to the best of your abilities.

"I believe the police force of Kwikila uphold that loyalty."