Jelta Wong

Health Minister refutes article

In response, Minister Jelta Wong said: "My point in the television interview on Tuesday 4 February, 2020, was not to announce that students living in Mainland China are not important, rather it was to highlight the importance of minimising the risk of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV) from entering PNG borders - and that a mitigation process must be followed.

Report malpractice, urges Health Minister

Minister Wong said Provincial Health Authorities are in place and have powers to investigate claims of malpractice if reported and cited to be genuine.

He outlined that one of the core functions of establishing PHAs across the country is to provide a platform for reports of maladministration and malpractices to be dealt with accordingly.

The allegations can be verified by relevant PHA boards then registered with the Police for investigation.


Work together, not criticise PM: Minister

He said this in response to negative comments made by the Opposition Leader on the slow response of the James Marape government to the Australian bush fires appeal.

Wong said in a time when the country is not at war, Prime Minister James Marape is promoting the Defence Force through peace and humanitarian efforts which are beneficial at this time for the Australian bush fire situation.

He said this government, under Prime Minister Marape, is about building bridges and better utilising the Defence Force where it actually matters.

Gazelle sets funds for LLGs

Member for Gazelle and Health Minister, Jelta Wong, revealed this recently during the approval of this year’s development budget at the last District Development Authority board meeting at Kerevat.

The budget is worth K35, 489, 810.

Minister Wong said from the 2020 DSIP, K500,000 each will be allocated to the five LLGs – Central Gazelle, Toma-Vunadidir, Reimber-Livuan, Lassul-Baining and Inland Baining.

Out of that K500,000, 10 percent or K15,000 will be allocated each to administration and president support and 4 percent or K20,000 for project mobilisation.

Over K25m spent per year on AIDS treatment: Minister

Speaking at the recent observance of World AIDS Day, Health Minister Jelta Wong said: “The government, in its 2020 budget, has set aside an additional K10 million for HIV/AIDS treatment.”

Wong said the first case of HIV was diagnosed in 1987 in Port Moresby. Seven years later, PNG’s HIV epidemic was described as being generalised when 1 percent of the sexually active population in the country were diagnosed with HIV infection.

Health Minister pleased with ANGAU’s progress

He was there to view the progress and reiterate the Papua New Guinea Government’s commitment to the project.

“I am pleased to see the progress of this impressive and significant infrastructure project, which promises to provide high quality health care for communities throughout the Momase Region,” said Minister Wong.

“Once completed, ANGAU will be the major regional referral hospital and a significant national asset for Papua New Guinea for decades to come.”

Fire Dance Festival for Gazelle district

“The Fire Dance Festival is the first for the people of the Gazelle District geared toward attracting tourist to our district,” the Gazelle MP said.

“The Gazelle district administration is working tirelessly to deliver this event and we are proud to announce we will be hosting the event on October the 18th and 19th 2019.”

The theme for this event is ‘Promoting Responsible Tourism and Agri-tourism’ which will see over 1,000 individual performers taking part in over 55 different and unique cultural performance groups.

LLG leaders reminded

Speaking at the declarations of the Central Gazelle, Inland Baining and Lassul Baining LLGs at Kerevat on July 26th, he reminded the elected Ward Members to refrain from playing politics and fix up the wards first so people can realise delivery of services from the district.

While congratulating the elected Ward Members, he said it will not be an easy run.

He said Ward Members will be voting in their new presidents at the LLG chambers in a few days and further discouraged them from joining camps and promoting corruption.

MP concerned over gambling outlets

Wong, in a statement, said Asian expatriates operating supermarkets at Kerevat have obtained gaming licences from the National Gaming Control Board and have decided to open up business at Kerevat town.

The Gazelle MP together with the Gazelle District Administration were not aware of this arrangement.

He said this destructive industry of pokies or gambling houses have social implications and it is detrimental to the progress of the Gazelle district and East New Britain as a whole.

Wong asks for K3m for Gazelle’s rural roads

“Three million kina was budgeted for rural roads in Gazelle has not been received. I asked the district’s finance manager and he said it hasn’t come yet. Can the Minister please investigate?” Wong asked Minister for Transport & Infrastructure, William Samb.

Minister Samb said in the 2019 budget, K100 million was allocated for district roads.

“K40 million has been spent. Of this, a warrant of K19 million was transferred to Transport Department but was withdrawn, and K40 million was transferred to Works Department to be spent.”