'Ice eggs' cover Finland beach in rare weather event

Amateur photographer Risto Mattila was among those who came across the "ice eggs" on Hailuoto Island in the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden.

Experts say it is caused by a rare process in which small pieces of ice are rolled over by wind and water.

Mr Mattila, from the nearby city of Oulu, told the BBC he had never seen anything like it before.

"I was with my wife at Marjaniemi beach. The weather was sunny, about -1C (32F) and it was quite a windy day," he told the BBC.

Finland jails police chief Aarnio for drug-smuggling

Jari Aarnio was found to have helped a gang to import nearly 800kg (1,764lb) of hashish from the Netherlands and sell it in Finland in 2011-2012.

Aarnio, 59, was found guilty of five drug crimes and 17 other offences.

These included trying to frame an innocent man for being in charge of the drug ring.

An accomplice of the former senior policeman, described as a top local criminal, was also sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Aarnio spent 30 years in the anti-drugs force and was arrested in 2013.

Norway will not give Halti Mount summit to Finland

A social media campaign had proposed giving Halti mountain summit to Finland for its 100th birthday next year.

The border between the two countries runs up the mountain near its peak.

But Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said that sadly she had had to turn down the idea because the country's constitution prohibited any sacrifice of Norwegian territory.

Part of Halti mountain is already in Finland - and forms its current highest point - but the peak is 20m (66ft) across the border inside Norwegian territory.

VIDEO: Stubb warns Greece that time is running out

​But Alexander Stubb added that time was running out for Greece to accept a bailout agreement.

The Greeks are expected to make fresh proposals in Brussels on Tuesday in order to secure a bailout deal.