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New family planning program in Hela

The new outreach program base, supported by the Oil Search Foundation, is located at Pii Laydown Junction.

“The launch represents a major partnership exercise between MSPNG and the Hela Provincial Health Authority and is focused on supporting the maternal child health care needs in Hela under the Wok Bung Wantaim (WBW) initiative,” said Rodney Ingersoll, Oil Search Foundation’s Hela Provincial Development Manager.

“Lessons learned will be shared widely in a united effort towards improving front line service delivery.”

Family planning awareness to reduce maternal deaths

The mother-of-three is a registered nurse at the new Marie Stopes clinic at Nonga General Hospital in Rabaul, which officially opened on 5 April.

Tenakanai provides family planning guidance to men and women at the clinic and during outreach services to remote villages.

Originally from Ratongor in Gazelle District, she was inspired to become a nurse in maternal and child health after seeing preventable deaths in her community.

Health expert highlights strategies of improving maternal deaths

Dr Sauk highlighted that supervised deliveries and improving the overall family planning coverage greatly improves maternal deaths, at least up to 75 percent.

She revealed that PNG has seen a decreasing supervised delivery statistics at 36 percent and family planning prevalence of 20 percent due to challenges with access to facilities.

Dr Sauk said medical causes of maternal deaths in PNG and almost all preventable include infections following births, miscarriage, abortion, anaemia, malaria, tuberculosis and gender based violence.

Male birth control shot found effective, but side effects cut study short

Women can choose from a variety of options to control fertility while for generations, men have been limited to withdrawal, condoms and sterilization. But someday soon, a new method may allow men to shoulder a greater share of responsibility.

A new hormonal birth control shot for men effectively prevented pregnancy in female partners, a new study found.

Youths encouraged to use family planning

Peer educator at the University of PNG Benaiah Nari called on youths to come forward and seek family planning information, be advised by professionals and access family planning services.

Nari said that with the launch of Marie Stopes media campaign on promoting the National Family Planning Policy 2014, we need a collaborative effort from all stakeholders to implement this policy.

“We need health professionals to be free from their personal beliefs and give fair treatment and information to all who seek the service. 

Family planning key to addressing high mortality rate

Statistics from the National Health Department, revealed this week by Health Secretary Pascoe Kase, stated that our maternal mortality is 733 deaths per 100,000 live births.

PNG’s infant mortality is also too high at 45 per thousand live births. 

Kase said family planning reduces the risk of pregnancy-related death by 32 percent.

Kase said when women have access to family planning, infant mortality is reduced by approximately 30 percent.

“We also know that the education of women can reduce poverty and improve health and education outcomes for their families.

Marie Stopes launches outreach in Milne Bay

Marie Stopes Country Director, Mr Maarten van de Reep who witnessed the launching for the new team there said the goal of the team is to provide access to family planning to the people in far flung places across the provinces that otherwise would not be able to access these services.

The new team is the latest addition to the Marie Stopes PNG team.

“Family planning is widely considered as one of the most cost effective interventions to improve maternal health and promote sustainable population growth.

Men encouraged to take lead in family planning

CHW Paul Konare, who works in remote Rai Coast area in Madang, said previously men were not involved in family planning until recently when the Department of Health realized that they should be part and partial of all family planning activities because they play an important role as heads of their families.

He said that women particularly mothers go through a lot of hardships as child bearers and urged that husbands must also volunteer to turn themselves in for operations to help space children or control births.

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